“Song of the Heart” Healing Arts for Transformation presents…

“I AM Magically Aligned, Connected, & Expanding within my ‘Home’ Frequency”!
In-Person Class

Sat & Sun  February 24th & 25th, 2024
Sat 10:00 – 6:30pm & Sun 11am – 6pm
(Private Residence near Appleton, WI)

Join us for a “Magical” Harmonic, Holographic Transformational Weekend “Experiental” Event where the Focus is Expansion, Divine Connection & AWARENESS in LEARNING to ‘READ’ “Frequency”!

As your own Vibrational Frequency Shifts throughout the Weekend, it may feel like COMING HOME! As we approach this Event in a PLAYFUL, JOYFUL Way, you Accelerate your Ascension Process! Star/Soul Family Connection, Your “I AM” Presence Embodiment & the Valuing of your own Divine Mission on Gaia~Terra as it relates to her New Earth Frequency is some of what MAY be experienced !  This Class is Truly Powerfully Playful!

Kim Creates a Magically Infused Environment whereas you Raise your Home Frequency & Accelerate Awareness, Communication & Connection with your “I AM” Presence! Working through this “I AM” Frequency allows you to receive your OWN Divine Guidance accessing Multidimensional Skills/Gifts!

Kim Facilitates through a Playfully unconventional “Mystery School” like Atmosphere! She “may” be utilizing, 432hz tuned Crystal Bowls, Crystals, Holographic Activations, Group Sound, Specialized Harmonic Tuning Forks, High Frequency (YL) Essential Oils, Multidimensional Star ~Flower Essences, Vocal (Light Language ~ Toning) Transmissions, & more to assist each who are READY for a Magical Shift & Life Transformation! All Group Events are Facilitated & Calibrated to the Consciousness of those in Attendance & may have a highly Transformative Effect on your Life in coming days/weeks/years!

Energy Exchange: $375 includes materials and snacks, you must register and prepay prior to Event! To Register go to website www.KimRegnitz.com, click on Events! Following registration, more details will follow. We will be sharing potluck or BYO lunch.

Class is hosted by Cheryl K. (at a private residence in Appleton, WI – address/directions in details to be sent following Registration and payment). For more information contact Kim Regnitz 715-323-2431 (call or text), or email songofheart@uniontel.net     PayPal payment plan available 6 months free financing.