Presented through Kim Regnitz & “The I AM Alchemy Collective….

Activating the….

“5D New Golden Age of Sovereign Abundance”

2-part (2 ½ – 3 hour each, Mp3 Replays) Virtual Live Group Class Activation!

Class 1: Thurs April 22, 2021 5pm (CST) “Earth Day” (in a Virgo Moon)

Class 2: Thurs April 28th 5pm (CST) (Sagittarius “Jupiter infused” Moon)

Join us for an EnLightened Co-Creative Online Class facilitated through Kim’s “I AM Alchemy Collective” Team with the PRIMARY FOCUS to be of the “Ascension Trajectory” & the Palpable Manifestation of NEW EARTH that is ALREADY HERE!!!

As we meet within Group Consciousness, in Alignment through the Frequency Bandwidth of our “I AM” Presence, we open to our Connection & Communication with our Beloved Star/Soul Families pertaining to our Unique Divine Missions! The downloads that are coming through may have an exponential effect in creating an Accelerated Timeline as we Birth this Golden Age of Sovereign Abundance, Harmony, JOY & Peace!

Several Holographic Activations & Star Transmissions will be facilitated, raising your Frequency & Activating your Individual Soul Signature. ARE YOU READY TO STEP INTO YOUR LIGHT MASTERY in an Expanded Capacity?

Kim, as a Conscious Channel, will be following Guidance from Spirit, offering always what is Aligned in the Highest Good, & Infinite Potential in Ascension Alignment, however….

 Some of what may be explored: Class 1 ~ Embodying, Recalibrating & Harmonizing

  • Light Body Activation, Raising your Frequency, & Electromagnetic Field Harmonizing!
  • Aligning & EMBODYING your “Christ” Frequency (6D-8D) & the “I AM” (9D & above)!
  • Shifting FEAR & discordant misaligned Energy rapidly, using Sound, Light Language, Frequency, Breathwork, etc

Some of what may be explored: Class 2:

  • Exploring our Multidimensional Gifts, Skill Sets & Super Powers, our Unique Divine Mission in relation to NEW EARTH!
  • WHAT IS OUR VISION OF NEW EARTH?!?! EXPLORING & ACTIVATING with assistance of our Star/Soul Family Support!
  • Co-Creating this VISION of NEW EARTH with Gaia’s support and group support & Resonance!

Are you ready for a Quantum Shift in Consciousness???

Holographic Activations/Transmissions/Sound ~ Language of Light Downloads, Crystalline Technology will be facilitated at each event. There will be a 5 – 7-minute break within the middle of each class! PDF Handout’s to be included upon registering!

Only $122 (reg $355) Value

Includes downloadable recordings & PDF’s

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5D New Golden Age of Sovereign Abundance” | 2-part LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS