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What is a Holographic Journey Activation?

What I may experience during a Session, Class Etc

 A Holographic Activation is a Journey into the Quantum Field of Possibilities and Potentials that are aligned in the “I AM” Frequency, (your Divine Embodied Expression of your Highest Self).

 Within this Quantum Space, the Energetics are not limited to the rules of  3– D reality, but operates in a state of Alchemical Magic if you will!

 Each time that you participate within a Holographic Journey and Activation, you continue from where your Conscious Resonance, IS at that time! As your Divine Consciousness continues to Expand and grow, so does your Ability to Access patterns of Potential within the Realm of Possibility. It is as if Synchronistic doors suddenly open up for you with the right key codes that come in from this “I AM Frequency” Alignment”!

 Each Holographic Journey/Activation is facilitated through Kim’s “I AM Alchemy” Collective Team, in Co-Creation with the Divine Beings that Resonate through this Frequency! You may find that your communication and Divine Guidance with your “I AM Presence”, expands as it relates to your 3-D World! This experience is truly an Awakening of the Infinite Wisdom and Heart Centered Mastery in your Unique Ascension Process!