Harmonic, Holographic Transformational Session

This one-on-one Transformational Session blends Kim’s nearly 30+ years of Experience in the Field of Healing and Transformational Technologies! In a private Session, with a playful approach, Kim will tune into your Entire Bio field Hologram and notice where your Energy is Stagnant, stuck and not flowing! As an Interpreter of the Soul’s Vibration and a Conscious Channel of the I AM Frequency, she works through the Guidance with her “I AM” Alchemy Team Collective! Within this “I AM” Alchemy Team, are Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Star  Nations, Galactic’s, Elementals, Crystalline Beings, Dolphins, Ancient Ones and all who are in the Vibration with this Frequency Bandwidth!

Since every Issue/ pattern is Light, Information and Resonance, Kim receives the Intuitive protocol for each Session through her I AM Alchemy Team Collective! In the Alignment with your “I AM” Presence, these Patterns begin to shift, and resonate with the New Frequency as Pure Potential and Possibility! As A Conscious Channel of this “I AM” Frequency, Kim is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant and Empathic!

Many of these incongruent Issues/ patterns that surface, tend to get “Louder” as they become ready to disentangle! Through the Loving Support of your I AM Presence, you come into Alignment with this Consciousness Shift, Integrating and Harmonizing these Patterns into Balance and Neutrality! These Issues/Patterns can be inclusive of Generational, Ancestral Imprinting, or Multidimensional Issues from this or other timelines and/or  Parallel/Alternate Realities. Many People may have Implants, Entities, Psychic Bonds, and other negative or nefarious anomalies in their Field. When these patterns are cleared, you have access to the Skill Sets that you have mastered from these other timelines (lifetimes)! You may also tap into Magical JOY as never before, as the Heart Stargate opens and Expands!

Each personal Session is a Holographic Activation and a Multidimensional Shift of Consciousness, including an upgrade in Awareness as you move toward Embodying the Divine, your “I AM” Presence in 3-D form! Sound (Voice Toning) as well as Light Languages may be channeled within the session. Sound is an Amazing way to dissolve many obsolete Patterns as well as bring in new upgraded Frequencies of Divine “I AM” Light codes! Guided Channeled information is also very much included within a Personal Session and each is like a mini Class!

These Transformational Sessions are not just all about Clearing, especially if you are someone who has done a lot of their ‘Personal’ Clearing work! Kim facilitates Magical, Galactic Multidimensional Downloads and Crystalline Codes,
that you may be ready to Receive that are in Alignment and always Guided through your I AM Presence, that may pertain to your Divine Mission! She eclectically draws from her Skill’s in Quantum Mechanics and is an Experienced, Highly Qualified Certified Practitioner in many modalities inclusive of: Sacred Sound/Language of Light/Toning,Crystal Healing, Dowsing, Matrix Energetics and LaHoChi Multidimensional Healing, Essential Oils as Frequency etc.

Kim is also skilled and incorporates Evolutionary Astrology and Nature/Elemental Frequencies in her Sessions! Each Transformational Session is unique, includes Channeled information and a class as well! Often times messages and information is brought in for you, through Kim’s I AM Alchemy Team! She goes into a DEEP DIVE with you in the Transformational discovery of “WHAT IS TRULY POSSIBLE FOR YOU”!

A Session may assist you in having a greater Connection with your I AM Presence as well as the Manifestation Process (FLOW) in your 3-D World! If you are really ready to Transform and Accelerate your Ascension path, it is suggested to have additional Sessions as Guided through your I AM Presence!

Please note that Kim will work via phone/computer via Instant Teleseminar. A recorded Replay is offered through the Instant Teleseminar platform. Skype (Audio) is also an option! Also, it is useful to realize that the Session begins at the time you book it and the Energy starts to change. Be Aware of this, and it shows up uniquely for each person! Kim goes deep with you is passionate about her work, truly to be experienced!

Sessions offered:

60 – 75 minute (approx.) session $185

First time Client Session (90+ minutes) $215  (may be waived if you have participated in online classes or Live Events)

Quick Calibration ~ Reset Session (30 minutes) $111

Session packages available ~ (2 or more) Please email Kim songofheart@uniontel.net for pricing!

*Prices subject to change without notice

What is a Holographic Journey Activation?

What I may experience during a Session, Class Etc

 A Holographic Activation is a Journey into the Quantum Field of Possibilities and Potentials that are aligned in the “I AM” Frequency, (your Divine Embodied Expression of your Highest Self).

 Within this Quantum Space, the Energetics are not limited to the rules of  3– D reality, but operates in a state of Alchemical Magic if you will!

 Each time that you participate within a Holographic Journey and Activation, you continue from where your Conscious Resonance, IS at that time! As your Divine Consciousness continues to Expand and grow, so does your Ability to Access patterns of Potential within the Realm of Possibility. It is as if Synchronistic doors suddenly open up for you with the right key codes that come in from this “I AM Frequency” Alignment”!

 Each Holographic Journey/Activation is facilitated through Kim’s “I AM Alchemy” Collective Team, in Co-Creation with the Divine Beings that Resonate through this Frequency! You may find that your communication and Divine Guidance with your “I AM Presence”, expands as it relates to your 3-D World! This experience is truly an Awakening of the Infinite Wisdom and Heart Centered Mastery in your Unique Ascension Process!