I highly recommend working with Kim!

I had a Tune-Up session with Kim recently. The previous 9 days I had been experiencing pain and loss of strength in my left wrist and pain in my right knee. The wrist was so bad that I was not able to use my hand, washing my hair or driving triggered the most excruciating pain.  During my session, some other timeline stuff came up to clear, as oftentimes happens during sessions or tune-up sessions, and we did work on opening up the energy pathways in the wrist and hand which I was able to feel surging through the areas during the session. About an hour after the session the pain was completely gone in both the wrist and the knee and has not come back. I am so grateful! All the sessions I have with Kim are uplifting, balancing, and highly beneficial. Her sessions have supported me with the releasing of childhood patterns, traumas, ancestral issues as well as activations, alignments which have brought forth clarity and joy and assist me with continuing along my ascension path. I am really drawn to work with her and her work resonates deeply within me. I highly recommend working with Kim!

Profound Sessions ~ Like none other!

I have had many energy healing sessions but sessions with Kim are like with no one else I have experienced. The healing work is very profound and often it feels like a immersing in a pool of all the most beautiful energies. Thank you!


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