My I Am Presence has been re-ignited.✨

Kim Regnitz is a Divine Being of Light who cultivated and facilitated the reemergence of my own I Am Divine Presence. Kim assisted my grounding deep within Gaia and increased my awareness of support from the elementals.
After being a "lab rat" for mind-control activities and illegal subterfuge by the CIA I am finally free to clearly think for myself.
Kim located, identified, dissolved, transmuted and repaired many "wiped" and grossly disconnected neural pathways. She was drawn to expose implants, nano technology, nanites, used to mentally/emotionally control "Termites". I Am not the only one!
Kim revealed old family "stories" that created perceptions of lack within me.
My body is catching up with my soul as Kim resolves intrusions/blocks/disconnects/in my energy field. I am eternally grateful Kim Regnitz has honed her Divine gifts to aid us in Acending with Earth. I Am becoming Divine pure unconditional Love.💕🙏🕊Blessings to Kim.

Wow...that was amazing

I had a Skype call with Kim Regnitz yesterday and what an awesome session it was . Kim started the session with a grounding exercise and it was the most powerful grounding I have ever experienced. It amazed me how easily I was able to follow along and how vivid my visualization was. The spiraling energies I saw coming up from the center of the earth was so bright and strong. This was the first time I was ever able to visualize such powerful energies and it had me feeling energized. Kim then proceeded to do clearings, moving through the different chakras. The pineal, pituatry and thymus glands, among others were all adjusted and I actually felt the chills in my head as the energies were moving. During each stage Kim explained fully what was going on and she kept checking in with me to ensure all was well. At a certain point in the process I felt so relaxed and joyful. The clearings were intense and alot of energies were shifted. Kim was even able to clear energies from another dimension and facilitate bringing in energies to assist me. Amazingly she was also able to tell me to expect a gift shortly in the future and I can't wait to see shows up. Afterwards Kim gave me advice for self-care for immediately after and for the next couple days. This session with Kim was so much more than I can possibly put in to words. It was truly a blessing to have worked with her and I am thankful for all she did in facilitating the clearings and integrating the new energies. Kim has a remarkable gift which everyone should experience and I highly recommend her. I can't wait to work with her again. Thank you Kim.
Karen R

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