Kim Regnitz is a Divine Being of Light who cultivated and facilitated the reemergence of my own I Am Divine Presence. Kim assisted my grounding deep within Gaia and increased my awareness of support from the elementals.
After being a "lab rat" for mind-control activities and illegal subterfuge by the CIA I am finally free to clearly think for myself.
Kim located, identified, dissolved, transmuted and repaired many "wiped" and grossly disconnected neural pathways. She was drawn to expose implants, nano technology, nanites, used to mentally/emotionally control "Termites". I Am not the only one!
Kim revealed old family "stories" that created perceptions of lack within me.
My body is catching up with my soul as Kim resolves intrusions/blocks/disconnects/in my energy field. I am eternally grateful Kim Regnitz has honed her Divine gifts to aid us in Acending with Earth. I Am becoming Divine pure unconditional Love.💕🙏🕊Blessings to Kim.