A Special Invitation to Join me on Soul Talk
Tuesday October 27

Co-Creating with the Crystallines at Zero Point!

Join us and the “I AM Alchemy Team Collective” for a High Frequency Expansive, Experiential call as we Align in Loving Support from the “Crystallines”. These Loving Beings and Presences within the “I AM” Frequency, are Activating within the Gaia Grids as we Align with the Galactic Central Sun/Galactic Center!

This call may assist you in the Process of Awakened Awareness within your Ascension timeline, which includes the shift of our Physical Vehicle from Carbon to Crystalline!

Kim will be offering several Group Processes that will activate the DNA within these Crystalline Grids through the Quantum Field and Zero Point!

Plus we are taking your questions and offering/mini sessions as guided through her “I AM Alchemy Collective Team”.

Some of what we may explore and experience:

* How to stay Centered amidst the Collective Consciousness, Dark Night of the Soul, transcending the weariness, (the Crystallines may really assist with this, in Harmony with your I AM Team!

* Connecting with your “I AM” Presence as a Team and FEELING this as Pure Frequency beyond what your 3D & 4D mind can Track!

* The Cosmic Weather (working with Mercury/Mars Retrograde 😊) and preparing Energetically for upcoming Astrological POWERHOUSE of 12-21-20

* How we are clearing out incongruencies and Integrating our MultiDimensional Timelines as well as Ancestral Lineages, (Many Ancestors reside in 4-D)!

*Experiencing the New Crystalline Codes of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine

Through the Loving Energetic Support of these Beautiful Beings, the “Crystallines” through our I AM Frequency, we can experience the KNOWING of a Unified Field and the Uni~Verse having our Back! There are many Star Nation/ Galactic, Inter Galactics, Ascended Masters, Elementals also ready to Align with you during this call and well beyond!

What is Magically ready to Shift for you?

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Soul Talk is a gathering of the most high vibrational Master Teachers, cutting edge transformation workers, intuitives, thought leaders and healers in our time. It’s a time of transition and great transformation and many of us are on the greatest adventure of all, ​the journey to ourselves.

There is no reason to make the journey Alone!

Join Us and I’ll see you on the Show!