I AM invited back once again with my friend, Patty Malek and her Awe inspiring show “Soul Talk” this Tues Oct 29th , 2019 4pm CST! Plan to have some Enlightening conversation and I will be taking Live Calls which represent what is Possible for All of us! Check out what my Show Topic will be and Join us Live or also listen for the Replay!

It is FREE however you do have to Register! In addition, I put together a Powerful Transformational Special Offer not to be missed!

“Are you Ready for A Magical Shift”???

Join us for an Enlightening call filled with Possibility Potential as we play within the Holographic Quantum, Field of Zero Point.

As we prepare for the upcoming 2020 Vibration, plan to EXPERIENCE a greater Connection and Communication with your “I AM” Presence, as we Raise your Vibration and Frequency Bandwidth and Activate Ascension DNA Crystalline codes.

I will be Facilitating a Magical Holographic Activation, as guided through my “I AM” Alchemy Team Collective.

As a Conscious Channel of the “I AM” Frequency, I bring in the Language of Light through Vocal Sound Tones as well as Crystalline codes. This way of Facilitating is very Unconventional, Playful and Highly Transformational!!!

We will take Live Calls and plan to stay to the end, as I will be taking us on that Holographic Journey!

What is ready to Shift for you?
What IS Joyfully Possible for you?!?!?