I am honored and so excited to be a special guest speaker on the 5th season of the SoulScape.TV Show with Gabrielle Spencer! This call is Thurs, November 19th at 7pm CST (8pm EST)!

My friend, Gabrielle, has created the SoulScape Show to bring forth the latest divine wisdom that will assist you to discern divine truth, to be the essence of divine creation which is so much more than our human consciousness can imagine! Connecting with your Divine I AM Presence will help you to have the clarity you crave and need to live a fulfilling, healthy, and prosperous life with purpose.

You’re invited to join, free, here: https://kimregnitz–gabriellespencer.thrivecart.com/soulscape-mc5/

As we Navigate this Great Awakening, we are witnessing everything that we once Knew, Change and this can be unsettling with Challenges we have never before faced. This Show, SoulScape may assist you with Wisdom, Tools and Assurance that you are indeed here incarnated at this most Auspicious time, with a Unique Divine Mission!

You are invited to join us to discover the Power of Your “I AM” Presence, as you realize what it means to be silent no more: stand for God.  Expand your Light to shift you to BE who you are meant to BE and to DO what you are meant to DO! Please join us on the SoulScape Show every Thursday at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST to take part in the “coffee clutch” discussions on all things to do with expanding our consciousness, healing, transformation and creation abilities!

Now more than ever, the clarion call has been sounded…answer the call, YOU ARE NEEDED! Join us for some Juicy Conversation and Magical Transformation! The Call is Free, however you do have to register to receive the link! I AM offering 4 Complimentary gifts to everyone who joins on the call or Replay!

Feel Free to share with your Community Click the Link to register for this Empowering Call!  https://kimregnitz–gabriellespencer.thrivecart.com/soulscape-mc5/