Series Starts: January 9th
Live Video with Kim on April 2nd , 2020
5:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm CST / 8:00 pm EST

The SoulScape Show Masterclass Series and Panelist Forum is about discovering the depth and breadth of your soul! We are in the Golden Age of Conscious Creation and the time for shifting the energetic paradigm from the lower frequencies of fear and lack into the high-vibe frequency of the merged heart and soul consciousness! This Masterclass Series and Panelist Forum is LIVE to deliver NOW MOMENT guidance, activations, and next steps to navigate these transformational shifts! It is our directive to bridge the gap between 3D “reality” and 5D potentials, and we will do this together to create the frequency of heaven on earth!


In order to maximize the success of creating the bridge into the 5D, we are coming together to ignite the power from within for as many souls as possible. With our unified frequencies, we are creating and inspiring ripples of impact and we are providing the awesome opportunity for every person on the planet to take part in and receive the higher vibrational teachings, understandings, and energetic processes for their greatest transformation!

This is the convergence of ascension energy with Higher Vibrational Beings of Light assisting you with your transformation into your highest state of BEING. 

I am sending you this special invitation to join us in this amazing Masterclass Series and Panelist Forum with Gabrielle Spencer and cutting-edge transformational leaders and healers as we share the latest information we’ve received about the heightened energies and how to navigate them for your benefit as quickly as possible!

There is so much for you to gain by being a part of this HIGH-FREQUENCY MOVEMENT! Join for FREE and get awesome bonuses to get yourself started on the next phase of your transformation! 

P.S.  Your free seat includes now moment guidance, healings, clearings, activations, community offers and FREE GIFTS… Grab your first gift now and begin creating in the new consciousness energy!