“5D Shift of Frequency”

PowerFULL LightMasters,… Navigating this time(line) is the 5D Name of the Game within the 3D & 4D Realms! Shifting & transmuting FEAR, & Holding our Frequency is the Total KEY for those on the Ascension path! This Ascension Process, as to where we are within the NOW, is well underway! It is so paramount to shift any Fear or Lower Vibration immediately! Do NOT allow it to percolate & collect within your BioField!

Collective Consciousness is within the lower Frequency 4D realms, and the experience is the battle for your Mind, your Consciousness! Lower 4D is where Mind Control/programming/thoughtforms reside & why it is so important to be AWARE of where one is Vibrating at all times! STAY ALIGNED through INTENT with Divine “I AM”! Like tuning a radio (Frequency) Dial 😊, Keep your Frequency High! There are many ways to do this!  Managing our thoughts, shifting to the NOW, and becoming Aware of what is vying for your Mind’s attention, is the first step! When overwhelm occurs, it is indicative of being in the Head, Shift Focus into your Heart…. BREATHE! It is also good to MOVE the ENERGY…Literally M-O-V-E the Body!

All of the Geo Magnetic Storms, of more INTENSITY recently ~ Solar Flares, Coronal Eruptions, Solar Winds, Schumann Resonance, etc. all have had a “triggering effect” on our Bio Field! The experience of the 2020 “Capricorn” Stellium (many planets in same sign), created a foundational Effect for the Manifestation of this New 5D Golden Age! Review how you have Changed?   The End of 2020 brought the Solstice of 12-21-20, with the Alignment (conjunction) effect of Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius and is HUGE! What this Cosmic Offering presented to us, is the bell going off that it is time to come HOME, our “Home Frequency”! We also are NOT “going anywhere”! It is the Activation of an Expansive “EMBODIMENT” of our Sovereignty, Truth, Brilliance, Genius, Connection and Communication with Star/Soul Family Spiraling into our Divine MISSIONS! The Universal Winds are at our Back, Raise & Set your Sail, New LANDS, New Worlds Beckon you! The Frequency of this Aquarian Energy (Saturn & Jupiter as well as Uranus in Taurus), is all about navigating the UNKNOWN, Brand New Territory! It sometimes feels as if one is in the dark with a dim flashlite, a footpath not in View!

In reference to the “Triggering Effect”, that has been pushed into Overdrive, we are being shown Multidimensional, Ancestral Timeline/ Soul imprints/Contracts that are surfacing to Clear. We are witnessing this in our own lives as well as Globally! This Transmuting process, Dark Night of the Soul, takes Amazing Courage, (Honor, Love & and be Gentle with self 😊) not for the faint of Heart and though beyond challenging, is totally WORTH IT!

This Ascension Process is far from the “Fluffy Bunny” projected Psy-OP from distorted “New Age” (so-called) Spiritual Community, (though there is possibility potential for that later 😊)! It is not, what we are experiencing now within the 11th hour “Ascension process” in relation to our experiences in the releasing of 3D & 4D Entanglements! Please release ALL tendency to Judge this crucial process!

Perhaps you been AWARE of Accelerated Dream states, with either unusual or Lucid Experiences more recently? We are transmuting much through our Sleep States through the Loving support & Assistance of the “I AM” in Harmony with our Star/Soul Families. For some, there may be no Dream recall, as where you are Traveling in the Dream State, you are not necessarily to consciously recall! 😊 Breathe & reflect into this for a moment and these ideas. Always lean into your Personal Truth, and if this does not Resonate, All is Well, it may not be for you at this time(line)! Something drew you to this Blogpost! There are no coincidences, & You are reading this because you have been Divinely led here! Harvest the Nuggets as the Springboard to your own Power, Truth & Wisdom!

If you have noticed and experienced a Disconnection from former Friends, Bloodline of Origin, etc, BLESS YOU & be AWARE that it is the “I AM” Presence (Divine) releasing you from these contract & karmic patterns, as they are no longer Aligned with the 5D New Golden Age of Sovereign Abundance! Be Aware that these disconnections may trigger old Abandonment Patterns that were thought to be cleared! This is up for all of us on the Ascension trajectory, you are not alone, though it may feel like that as to where you are “planted”! We are literally Lighting up a TeleCommunicative Supportive Grid, Co-creative with Goddess Gaia!

Gaia, herself & many of us, on the Ascension path are purging ALL that no longer serves at the Highest Level of our Being congruent with the Manifestation of this 5D Golden Age of PEACE, SOVEREIGNTY, ABUNDANCE, WISDOM and Brilliant CO-CREATIVITY!  ARE YOU READY TO ACCESS your DIVINE SUPERPOWERS?

 IT is NOW TIME TO HAVE A VISION & to allow this DREAM, this New VISION to EXPAND forth! What does this NEW 5 D GOLDEN AGE represent for you? Do you have an IDEA, a Vision? Begin to allow the Energy of this premise to begin percolating! Many of us have forgotten to dream, have Childhood obsolete incongruent Be”LIE”F patterns stating that spending time DAYDREAMING, is a Waste and Useless! Nothing could be further from the TRUTH! EnVisioning our Heart Dreams, that we incarnated to witness at this most Auspicious time is Divinely Encoded! You are the DREAMER & the DREAMED!

 At no other time are you SO SUPPORTED, So LOVED & Held within the Womb of the Divine Feminine, the Mother Energy in Resplendent harmony with the Emerging Divine Masculine! New Diamond Crystalline Codes are replacing the Wounded Male Archetypal patterns that have set up this Obsolete Matrix of Disempowerment previously on Gaia! WE ARE HERE, ASCENDING, EXPANDING OUR LIGHT & MANIFESTING this 5D New Golden Age of Sovereign Abundance! Are you READY for the Miracles, Magic and ALL you have only DREAMED about?

Consider that YOU ARE LITERALLY HERE because you HAVE the UNIQUE Soul Signature for this Grand Co-Creative Ascension with GAIA! You are so deeply LOVED!

 STAY THE COURSE! Your “I AM” Star/Soul Family supports you more than you know! ~ You are Blessed!

~ “I AM Alchemy Team Collective” ~

Feel free to share with due credit ~ all materials copywrite through Kim Regnitz