Because you are, and the future of our genetic lineage is important to me, I knew you’d want to see this.

My colleague Acurda Melchizedek has put together this powerful interview series, The Global DNA Summit, featuring 21 experts (including me!) who are sharing their personal cutting edge consciousness and transformations around the understanding of decoding DNA. How we can now live our new genetic lineage with infinite human potential. These are the way showers and architects of our future through epigenetics, technology and quantum layering. They are the bridge where science and spirituality create each other with infinite possibilities.

Wait until you hear some of these amazing stories of transformation!

The interviews are about 45-60 minutes in length, and you can listen from anywhere!

The most important steps I ever took towards completely transforming my life and health was listening to and healing my DNA, of Ancestral, Timeline Patterns etc., ALL through the Embodiement of my “I AM” Presence! I talk about it in this interview. I know the same goes for the other 20 experts who share their stories. This interview series has the power to profoundly change your life and the global mindset.

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You’re also going to get 21 free gifts – one from each expert, (including 3 from me), so you can begin to take action right away towards creating a new transformation of a RADIANT being in the New Paradigm.

I have recorded and exclusive Mp3 for this summit titled “I AM Activating my Multidimensional SuperPowers”

I really desire to support you in feeling empowered to live your soul’s highest purpose with the mastery of your energetics and full vibrant magnificence. You are POWERFUL!! I know we all want optimum radiance and a deep understanding of our true human potential. I know that the support of a high vibrational community helps. We are all in this together.

This is your opportunity to access this free life changing series.

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