Ready to blast through limitations, previously held notions that stifle you and perceptions that your unique expression is somehow flawed? There’s untapped potential within you just waiting to be unleashed and the key lies in expanding beyond your current plane of consciousness…?


The Academy is hosting Season 7 of their summit, the Discovery Series ~ Cosmic Remembrance, and I’m one of the guest speakers! My talk is scheduled for June 3rd!  I’m so excited to be on this show, you will absolutely love the speakers, the community and the support available there!  They are dedicated to helping you overcome and move through persistent limitations and deep blockages so that you can embrace your Cosmic Light and shine it full out in the World, so I’m totally honored to be part of this event.

To get all the details so you can join me on my call, SIGN UP  for this series dedicated to ‘Cosmic Remembrance‘. You’ll be going on a vibrational journey that will allow you to expand your Soul awareness ~ revealing Gifts, Mastery and other untapped potentials previously unavailable and unrecognized by you…. not just to from the information I’ll be sharing with you, but to also to with all the other authentic heart-centered speakers as they share their wisdom and Divine perspectives with you.

There are Infinite possibilities just waiting for you with this incredible group of speakers that the Academy has put together just for you. It’s so important that you’re supported in your expansion as you venture into previously unexplored territory of the Cosmos that you’re uniquely designed to bring through your Being!


I really ask you to seriously consider signing up and tuning in to these amazing Souls who are committed to sharing their gifts and shining their light in the world. All of us who contribute to the Discovery Summit are committed to supporting your continued Awakening and Growth, by providing you with practical, powerful and transformative tools to help you on your metamorphosis.

It’s all about you awakening to your greater power, potential and support beyond the confines of the Earth plane that you can tap into from within! We want to witness your precious, unique Soul Light and Cosmic contributions radiating out in freedom and joy.

Please support our Divine mission of shining our light by joining, listening in, asking questions, and receiving what we have been called forth to offer. I’m holding space for your to be on the calls, receiving what the Universe wants to bring forth for You.

 Much Love & Light to you, 

Kim Regnitz ~ “Song of the Heart” Healing Arts for Transformation

P.S. As a “Thank you” for joining us, myself and the other speakers have contributed some pretty awesome free gifts. The Academy for the Soul Discovery Series just may be what your Soul has been searching for.