“Anchoring New Codes of Brilliance, Authenticity and Genius”
Holographic Activation Live Group Call

Friday, January 24th
7pm CST

Replay included if you are unable to make the Live Call!
(You will included in the Energy of this Event even if you purchase after the fact)


Are you READY to Share your Authenticity with the World in the Unique Way that is YOU? Are you ready to tap into the New Seeds of Genius, Brilliance and Originality and ANCHOR it here in the 3-D REALM. If it is an inner YES, then join me with my “I AM Alchemy Team Collective” for this most Powerful Holographic Activation as we tap into the Magic and the Flashes of Incredible Insights of Wisdom, that are available for us in the Alchemical Field of Possibility and Potentiality!

Deep inside I AM Aware of the huge shifts and changes with the recent Stellium of Earth Planets all in Capricorn, the Eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer, and the Pluto/Saturn Conjunction (Alignment)! As we stand in our Power, as the dust settles, we are being gifted with continued Cosmic Offerings as Gaia herself has shifted! This New Moon in Aquarius is one of those Powerful Offerings and Blessings!

It IS your Time to Anchor this Brilliance Now as it with Uranus already in Taurus (Earth Element). This Year Really is about bringing all of this Authentic Sovereign Power of your Embodied “I AM” into Form that benefits everyone especially those who are just Awakening! This truly is the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius/Ascension!

I AM Sensing the Energy of many Galactic and Star Nation Master Beings, as well as the Moon Goddess as I connect in to this Activation! Since Aquarius is also connected with Magic and Alchemy, plan on an Amazing call!

As each Holographic (listen only) Live Call experience is facilitated through Kim’s “I AM Alchemy Team Collective”, it is always calibrated to the Consciousness and Highest Possibility Potential of each participant who Registers! Remember YOU Matter! If you cannot make the Live Call, you are included in the Quantum Cosmic Heart Energy and will receive the Energetic infusion! One of the Amazing perks of these calls, is that you Align more fully as you Embody your Divine “I AM” Presence! 

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(note, your link that is received once you Register IS your Replay link, please notice password and read the link directions carefully)

This allows you instant access to the LIVE activation ….and an MP3 of the replay! You don’t even have to make the live call to experience these “mini-sessions”!! 

For those of you unable to make the Live Call, you will receive a replay and will be included in the Group Consciousness, (Even if you register after the Live Class as all time is NOW)! Register by clicking this link, you will receive the call details to join us live via phone or web. After the Live Call,  everyone will receive the replay to listen at your leisure 

(Please do not plan to drive during this powerful call)!

REPLAY INFORMATION: Upon purchase, you will receive an email with your link to join the LIVE event.  This same link will be used to access the replay immediately after.  A few days after the LIVE event, an official Replay is added to your account on my website for access anytime. Until replay download is added you can use this link to listen and/or download at your leisure.

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