“Get out of your own Way”
Shift your Focus on Co-Creating NEW EARTH


The Rules have Changed…can you feel it? As of the Powerful conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter during the last Winter Solstice Eclipse of 12-21-20 at 0 degrees (ZERO POINT), our Ability to Align with & Manifest has significantly accelerated!

 I can feel some of you bristling right now, as this may be the furthest from your Personal Experiences, however at NO other time are we being SO SUPPORTED! This Support is from our “I AM Presence” (our “Embodied” Higher Self) & all of the High Frequency Light Beings Who Transmit through this Vibrational Bandwidth!

Our Star/Soul Families are making their Presence known, these are Galactic’s, Archangels, Intergalactics, Crystallines, Elementals, Inner Earth Beings, Elementals etc. Nature & the Stargates/Portals are available to all & are increasing Connection as well as Communication! Have you recently sat & listened to the Wisdom of the Trees, Birds, Grass, Ponds & Oceans???

New Earth is all about this Connection, actually it is a “RE~Connection”, for within Ancient timelines we KNOW of this Multidimensional Communion! We are Evolving this Ability as our SuperPowers become increasingly Available to us!

However, there is a battle going on right now, a battle for your attention, your Mind, & is predominantly FEAR!  Whether it is the “daily dose of Fear from mainstream Media, or our own “former~experience~actually ~repeating” … FEAR Paralyzes! While FEAR is a good Motivator at times, it is paramount that it be shifted immediately once, one gleans the Wisdom of what this gift of FEAR conveys! “Getting out of our own way” is applicable here, as when this “FEAR Begins, OUR POWER ENDS”! We were not born in Fear, it is a construct of 3D & 4D lower Frequency bandwidth!

 I know for me, when Fears surface this is the moment whereas I could easily shift into “controlling” or Micro Managing, (I have Moon, Mercury & Jupiter in Virgo 😊). This Control, is also FEAR, Fear that we do NOT Trust the Uni~ Verse HAS OUR BACK!

 I AM feeling a Breath here…. Breathe! Shift this low Vibration, Choose Nature, forest bathing, Use Color Frequency, Sound, Epsom Salt baths, or just Drop into your Heart & BE with it,… Observe it. Invite your I AM Presence & the Beings who work through this Frequency Bandwidth to assist you, witnessing you & holding Space. Allow it all to come up & Purge!

Within the Rules of “NEW EARTH”, which Anchored within the 2020 Winter Solstice, we now have Greater Access to Zero Point, Infinite Potential! This REALLY applies ONLY when we “LET GO” and get out of our own WAY! Many of us “OVER DO” … whether it comes to Healing Modalities, and regurgitating what may have worked in the Past, which do not work like they once did!

 We Then “HANG ON” to the outcome of our desired, & No way can it be delivered, as you guessed it…. Something is IN THE WAY… WE are! 😊

We cannot pretend to let go, & often, we “TRY” to make deals with the Uni~verse. “Trying” literally means “failing with Honor”! As Yoda says: “Do or do not, there is no Try!” Lean into Divine Trust! This is all of what is required right now, whether viewing our own lives, or watching the turmoil of the Macrocosm as incongruencies surface to clear! All represents of Where we have given our Divine Gift of Power away!

Where are your thoughts right now? Where is your Focused Mind??? Drop into your Heart… Let go…. Let GO of MIND, see it healed, transformed and infused with Divine Light!

A Great mantra… (every thought is a prayer & a ‘feeding’ the “Field of Infinite Potential”) is “Thank you Spirit, for healing my perceptions”! As Joe Dispenza said “Gratitude is the Ultimate in Receivership”, Gratitude is thanks for Answered prayers! Align into the “Feeling state of gratefulness”, & it will be delivered unto you! Playing in the Zero Point of Pure Potential aligns in Multidimensional Universal Law! Notice what is different!

Many Blessings & reach out should you need assistance! Wisdom awaits often in a Holographic Transformational Session if you are called. (Mention this blog & receive a special rate)!

~ Kim thru the “I AM Alchemy Collective”

All materials copywrited (can share with proper credit)