I want you to meet a friend of mine, Dr. Tamaey Gottuso. She’s the host of the widely popular interview series Your Best Life Now and recently invited me to be a part of this collaborative effort of which I was honored to be a part of. This interview series is all about sharing powerful stories, world changing modalities and extraordinary information that WILL change your life.

I get a lot of invitations to participate in virtual events and I choose them wisely because I want to ensure that I’m adding value to your life.

When Tamaey told me that this interview series was all about helping people live their BEST LIFE NOW I was hooked and excited to share my knowledge with you (and things you may not already know about me along with 30+ others!). This virtual interview series is for anyone looking for new, innovative, cutting edge tools and techniques to live YOUR BEST LIFE NOW, starting today.

There are 30+ experts participating in this global event who are offering a behind the scenes look into their personal lives by sharing their stories as well as offering you FREE gifts to help you on your journey of soul full acceleration.

Tamaey is committed to serving the planet in a BIG way and I’m honored to be a part of this great movement!