“Song of the Heart” Healing Arts for Transformation presents…
Class “6” (upgraded) of the Series: “I AM Awakened and Ascension Ready”

“I AM Activating my 5-D Crystalline Light Body”

November 16-17, 2019
Madison WI
Sat 10:30 – 7pm & Sun 11am – 6:30pm

We invite you to join us for a High Frequency Class of Crystalline Ascension Activations, in a weekend seasoned within an Ancient Mystery School Format! This event is facilitated through my “I AM” Alchemy Team through the “I AM” Frequency and the Beings of Light within this Ascension Vibrational Bandwidth! As we gather together in Harmony, with the Sun in Transformational Scorpio, and the Moon in Cancer, we will harness the Energy of the
Elementals for integration of this past year, as well as prepare for the Trajectory of accelerated Mass Consciousness “Awakening” and the Powerful Cosmic Energy Alignment of 2020 and the “22” vibration!

What is ready to shift or AWAKEN within the depths of you? Are you truly ready to step out of the obsolete congruency with familiar, old, core, habitual patterns, that may be Generational/Ancestral as well as Multidimensional?

This class is a Full on “Experiential” Immersion within the facilitated Crystalline Activational codes that may provide the continual expansion of your Frequency, as well as the acceleration of your DNA! This process of “Embodiment” of your “I AM” Presence will be greatly assisted as you expand your Ability to Consciously Co-Create and connect with this “I AM” Team that is always with you in every incarnation and Multidimensional Timeline!

Within this class format, there may be specific materials, Tools and Skills shared that are uniquely specialized for the Consciousness of all Beings attending. “Spiritual Discernment” is one of these highly important Skills that we may explore! As this class may sound so serious, rest assured, that I facilitate in an Unconventional playful format  and have the ability to access pure Possibility Potentiality within the Quantum or Zero Point Field in Magical,
surprising and unexpected ways! The Beings of Light within my (and your) Team have a Beautiful sense of Humor, so be prepared to laugh, cry, and get out of your comfort zone as that is where the COOL stuff is!

Each Class, Retreat, Activation, etc is always Calibrated and facilitated to the Consciousness of all Attending through my “I AM” Alchemy team in Co-Creative Harmony with your “I AM” Presence! If this Resonates with you be sure to Act and Register today as Space is limited and class is already filling! Registration and class details below…

Energy Exchange: $344 includes materials and snacks, you must register and prepay prior to Event! To Register here! Upon registration, details will follow. We will be sharing potluck or Bring your own lunch.  Class is hosted by Kelly Ann Meadow (at a private residence, address/directions in details to be sent). For more information contact Kim Regnitz 715-323-2431 (call or text), or email songofheart@uniontel.net     PayPal payment plan available 6 months free financing