Hello Beautiful Light Beings,

Do you fully KNOW why you are here? Having an  incarnation in the ‘percieved’ physical vessel on this planet? This is  truly a  most Auspicious time on our Sweet Earth, Beautiful Gaia, who radiates the Love and Warmth of the Energy of  Mother,  the Divine Feminine Frequency, to all of her Children!

I invite you to focus on your Heart  and ask this very Key question right now! “Why am I here”? Present this question, if you will,  as you  would toss a pebble into the proverbial pond of  Awareness…, and watch the ripples go out…! Ask “WHO AM I and WHY AM I  HERE…“? (and perhaps why did I volunteer for this), yes I can hear that lament…!

There are many Beings, you are not alone,  that may be questioning and perhaps rethinking their Decision to be here at this Evolutionary Period for our Earth and Uni-Verse! It is ok and part of the Path! 🙂

Be Aware that Every Being  here in  Physical incarnation, has the Energetics of what it takes for the Successful Birthing  of Heaven on Earth! I Am referring to the Evolved NEW Exalted Earth in her 5 -D Splendor!

Yes, you have what it takes, as you have honed these skills in many other timelines! These ‘timelines’ are what you may refer to as ‘Past Lives’, but in truth, they are Simultaneous Lives, quantumly speaking, as all time is NOW!  These skills and  Awarenesses that you have Mastered, MultiDimensionally, is what is necessary for this Evolutionary Ascension of Planet Earth that is underway right now!

Each Light Master is doing their part in Agreement with their Soul, through the Assistance of their Higher Selves or “I AM Presence” (Divine expressing through you AS you)!

In this world, they are either reflecting what is needing to shift. What is no longer congruent with the Soul’s Journey into the 5th Dimensional Expression…, or they are an Active Participant, fully Aware of working  in the Light as a Facilitator of Higher Consciousness and Divine Energy through Direct Assistance with others and  anchoring  this Light into the Grids!

Everyone IS Awakening right now! it is the Appearance of Chaos,  of a World in Transistion, that is bringing Accelerated Awareness to who we  all are! Many are confused and frightened as they wipe the ‘sleep’ from their eyes. There are many still hitting the “snooze” button, honoring those who have slept well…! 🙂

The Celestial offerings that are ushering in this new Awakening are coming in the form of Accelerated Electromagnetic Frequencies! They are literally transforming our carbon based biology into Crystalline. We are being continuoulsy upgraded to handle more and more Light codes and Frequencies!  In Truth You ARE Light or Photons! Everything that you see around you are Photonic Expressions as Patterns of Light, Information and Resonance!

Many upgrades are coming in the form of Astrological Alignments, (which activate the codes already within you), Solar Flares, Huge Energetic  Frequency Activations  and re-Alignments that occur with events like Eclipses, Equinox’s and Solstices! There are also many MultiDimensional Shifts and Awakening Codes interfacing with our Energy Fields!

While this process may not feel or be gentle at times, I Bring you Peace and Solace with the sharing of some of the  Tools and Techniques, that may assist you with this Awakening Process! They will also increase your Ability to hold your Frequency and Resonance.

You may be experiencing many ‘quirks’ and perhaps some discomfort, in your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Etheric Bodies at this time! First and foremost, let go of your Judgement of the whole Process. Judgement is nothing more that the “EGO’s” Resistance to what is occurring. EGO actually is “ENERGY GOING OUT” or scattering of your  Lifeforce!

The next most important Alignment that you could EVER do, is bring AWARENESS to your “I AM” Presence, the Highest Exalted Divine Aspect of you, into Partnership with EVERYTHING that you do! From the mundane, to the highly intentional Spiritual Practice, your I AM Presence is supporting you in every timeline MultiDimensionally that you are playing in!

I begin each and every day before my feet touch the floor by stating :” I AM fully Embodied! I AM anchored and aligned to Planet Earth and FULLY connected with my Divine Source and Guidance”! I do this several times a day if I am feeling overwhelmed and this totally reAligns me and my Path! This practice has set my day and my Life for so much Joy, Grace and Miracles no matter what is occurring!

Remember  to watch your use of the Co-Creative word  of “I AM” ! Two very important little words, for what ever you link to those words HAS to Manifest. If you are ‘feeling’ tired, rather than linking “I AM” to that, perhaps DIRECT your Intent by stating ” I AM” emanating Divine Energy and Vitality”! I AM Vibrant Health and Expansive Energy”! You get the idea..! Really begin to monitor your words as they are Vibration and Creative! You are already creating…,! When you begin to ALIGN  Consciously with your Divine “I AM”,  you will experience Magic and Miracles in your Life!

Last but not least, and this is most likely the Magical Nugget! Begin to dialogue with your “I AM” ! First,  place attention and Awareness in your Heart, (center of the Chest, is  your Heart Chakra) which is your Portal to Divine OmniPresence, and you will have easy Access to information that may be useful. Talk to your  “I AM”  Guidance, who are actually comprised of the Highest Placeholders in  Divine Consciousness  consisting of Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Crystalline, Galactic Beings, Elementals etc. Dialogue with them and be Aware of the information that you receive!

The more you practice and bring in these tools Consciously, to your 3-D world, and everyday existance,  the more that you will REALIZE the Anwer to the question to “WHO AM I and WHY AM I HERE” !

Be ready for the Magic and REMEMBER You are a Gift to Everyone!

More to come in Part 2…stay tuned!

Love, Blessings and Joy in Grace and  Infinite Abundance of “I AM”! ~ Namaste~

Kim Marie Christine Regnitz