“Song of the Heart” Healing Arts for Transformation presents…

“Intuitive Dowsing from the Heart”
In-Person Class

Sat & Sun  March 5-6, 2022
Sat & Sun 10am – 6pm
Madison, WI

“Be an Interpreter of your own Soul’s Vibration”

This “Empowering” Weekend course covers the Expansive Intuitive Art of Dowsing, the Ancient Art that has its roots in the earliest civilizations! It is an important tool in our Evolutionary Process, allowing us to handle the rapidly shifting frequencies, becoming fully “Conscious” Co-Creators of our Authentic Self! Dowsing/Divining or “Intuiting” enables us to receive guidance & answers of Divine Truth from our “I AM” Presence, our “Embodied” ‘Higher’ Self! There are many highlights of this Course that may be explored:

*Developing and expanding Confidence in receiving clear concise Divine Guidance

* Expanding Discernment, intuiting the Resonance & Frequency of Objects, People, Places, Beliefs & Ideas! *Guidance relating to Influential forces, & clearing Belief systems & incongruent Patterns of Body, Mind, & Spirit that are no longer in Harmony with your Ascension Process & NEW EARTH…! Learn to Dowse through many various Charts & books etc.

* Learn to identify & how to Shift these Patterns, that may be expressing on the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, & Soul Level with a unique Process and more…!

This is an exciting workshop, and is for People NEW to Dowsing as well as Experienced Dowsers! We will be tapping into the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities in this class!

Included in the Class is the book “To Our Health”, Using the Inner Art of Dowsing in the Search for Health, Happiness & Harmony in Body, Mind & Spirit (Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann), Charts & materials!

Energy Exchange: $365 , you must register and prepay prior to Event!  Upon registration details will follow. We will be sharing potluck or Bring your own lunch. Class is hosted by Courtney Dayne. (Address/directions in details to be sent after registration).

For more information contact Kim Regnitz 715-323-2431 (call or text), or email songofheart@uniontel.net     PayPal payment plan available 6 months free financing