Are you wanting to shift your life from Mundane to Magical?  Do you want to receive some high vibrational light encoded transmissions and activations to help you reach your next highest level of soul evolution?  Are you wondering about the incredible energies we have been experiencing in 2019 and what might lie ahead in 2020 and beyond?  If so, there is a special event coming up that you might want to know about.

I am blessed to be asked by my dear colleague, Louise Matson, to be interviewed on her divinely inspired FREE online series “Mundane to Magical:  How to reclaim your truth and reconnect to your soul-fuelled magical lives”  The series starts on September 25th.

The subject for my interview is: “I AM Activating my Crystalline Light Body”

Pop the date in your diary for the series and my interview: September 28th at 12pm CST

Join me and an incredibly magical line up of amazing leaders and wayshowers, experts in their own personal fields of magic, soul evolution and growth.

To register for this FREE online series you simply need to click the link below: 

My Talk Topic:

“I AM Activating my Crystalline Light Body”!

 This call is an Experience in Ascension Consciousness as we activate the Crystalline Codes within the DNA!

 Prepare to explore a Shift in Consciousness and an Expansion of your Heart Field as we Align with the “I AM” Frequency as an Embodiment of your Divinity in your 3-D world!

 You may find with this Greater Alignment, with your I AM Presence, Life Flows, and it is easier to Manifest, to Create Amazing Health and Well Being! You may also receive more Clarity and Greater Awareness around your Divine Mission at this most Auspicious, Magical Time of  Ascension!

 As a Conscious Channel, Kim facilitates in a most Unconventional Playful way, accelerating your Ascension Process and Light Body Activation!