Beautiful Beings of Light…As we “Ride” the Great “Awakening” Waves of this ‘Ascension Path’, it definitely requires a different set of Rules! If in fact, for the most part, we are to throw the Rule book out, as they do not apply to our Multidimensional Presence, that continues to interface in our 3-D World. Consider for the most part, we are navigating the roads less traveled or have NEVER been traveled by anyone, at least in a 3-D Existence! I often say that we are ” Boldly Going where we have Never Gone Before”, (any Star Trek Fans here? 🙂 ) and literally we ARE!

Do you not feel the path rising up to meet you when you take that bold leap off the precipice? Have you taken that LEAP yet???  A Grand Leap into more of Who you Are, A Divine Multidimensional Being of Light in the disguise of what we call a HuMan Body! As we State: “I AM” a Divine Being of Light, “I AM” a Divine Master here, to Awaken and to assist in this Ascension process, because “I AM” the SOLUTION to the many challenges facing the World NOW!

How about that for a LEAP??? Are you ready to Take it??? Have you taken it???

What are you Noticing right now, in your Body” when faced with that statement and question? Notice what you Notice!  How about your Breathe, first off  “Are you Breathing”???  Sit in Presence for a moment, the “I AM” Presence, and in Alignment with this ” I AM” Frequency (Divine expressing through you AS YOU)! Pay attention to the messages of your amazing tuning fork, your Physical Body, Mind and E-motions!

Just sit for a moment and Breathe… and Breathe through the Field of your Heart. Working through the Breath, deliberatly and slowly,… in for 4 counts (engaging those deep diaphagmatic Muscles in the low Belly), holding for 7 counts and exhaling for 8 counts,….! You have now completely relaxed the Parasympathic Nervous System along with the Vagus Nerve!

The Vagus Nerve is a primary Connector to the Brain, the Brain in the Heart and the Brain in the Gut! Further more, when we breathe through the Heart Field, we connect with the “I AM Omnipresence”, and the Highest Available Divine Information of the Uni-verse! This “in-form-action” allows us the Wisdom to Navigate ANYTHING!

If we did want to access new rule sets or I like to call them “Navigational Skill Sets”, it would be most useful to invite the Energy of “Grace” in our Life! Grace is like the Cosmic Crisco that, when we “open to the Frequency” of this Beautiful Energy,  it will literally begin to disentangle and un-kink areas of confusion and stuck Resistant Energy that is surfacing right now for us individually and Collectively! It is a surrendering to the Universal Expression of how “It has our Back”!

So as we continue to explore the Breath and the Wisdom of the Heart Field, CONNECT in with GRACE. Intend to FEEL it in your Body as a Palpable Energetic Signature and KeyCode that you may draw upon as needed. I like to do so with any perceived Challenge that is presenting in my 3-D world. As you do this, you may notice that you receive a new Awareness of a new Mindset or Divine Idea that may be applied to whatever is presenting in your Life!

BE DETACHED FROM OUTCOME AND EXPECTATION! When you call forth “G -R-A-C-E” , the Energy is always there, much like the Light!  In fact it has always been there, we are simply increasing our Level of Awareness as we Entrain with more of our Multidimensional Selves/Timelines.

I invite you to play with this practice, in the Field of your Heart while utilizing the Breath! You will enter the Zero Point Field, where ALL Creation Arises, as you play in this “Field of Grace”! I would LOVE to hear your Experiences as this is quite Powerful and important as it came through today!

it may be most useful for the Celestial offerings of the Full Sagittarius Moon and the upcoming Solstice/July Eclipses! Stay tuned and Aligned with your “I AM Presence”!

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Namaste ~

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