“Embodying” the Magic of your Multi-Dimensional “I AM” Self!

At (tune)ments for Building your Light Quotient, Elevating your Frequency and Holding your Vibrational Resonance!

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Join us on Monday Oct 10th at 2pm CST for a Free Podcast in an Adventure in ‘Ascension’ Consciousness! I am grateful for this opportunity to Serve in the Highest Potential of Divine Light, as I have been invited by Julie Calvey, host and Creator of the podcast: “Awaken to your Greatest Truth”, (please register on the link below). Under the Divine Guidance of, my “I AM” Team and the Beings of Light of the Highest Consciousness, we will explore what it means for you to be fully “Embodied”, as the Divine Master that you are! Whether you are just newly Awakening or have been a Seasoned Journeyer on the Path of Enlightenment, you will benefit from the sharing of your Light within this Podcast Adventure.

I plan to offer a Group Holographic Journey/Activation on the call, that will help you to Raise and Shift your Frequency as well as introduce Tools that can help you hold your Resonance, hold your Light! I will also interact with Live callers (be sure to register), It is my Intent, to be of the Highest Service of Divine Love, Light and Consciousness from within me! Whoever is called to join us on the Live call, or listens to the recording following the Event, will represent and hold the Space for the Highest Integrity of Divine Love for all Beings in Service for Everyone! This will be an Experience in 5th Dimensional Frequency’s and Ascension Consciousness! Register today by clicking on the link below (your email is protected always). See you then! Love and Blessings!