I AM a Harmonic Bridge to others as they Awaken (2-Part) Mp3


2-part Holographic Activation Journey within the Quantum Field!

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a Field, I’ll meet you there”! ~ RUMI

This Holographic 2-part Activation focus’s on reaching others in the Quantum Field “Soul to Soul” through the “I AM” Higher Self Frequency!

It can be facilitated to hold Heart Spacious Support in sharing useful information & Spiritual Concepts to Loved ones & others! Without the EGO pushing Against, the ‘other’ is simply “Invited” to a Special Harmonic Holographic Space whereas the 3D & 4D rules are no longer apply! Created as a Personal process for Kim with a Family Member, she was Divinely guided to offer it to her Community!

Part 1 ~ 18:59 (begins at 1:27)

Introduction, Explanation & 1st process of Clearing the FEAR “Triggers” around the ‘other’ creating a Frequency of Loving Detachment, so as to move into the Frequency where Soul Communion is possible! Sound & other Resonating Frequency Special Tools implemented that is Unique to each experience! Many Beings Assisted within this Activation including Sound Transmissions for “Letting Go”!

Part 2 ~ 21:46 (begins at 20:27)

This process goes into the Actual “Harmonic Holographic Activation” within the Quantum Field, inviting the “I AM” (Higher Self) of the Loved one ~ other! This Activation can be accessed easily after completing Part 1. It is good to clear the FEAR triggers 1st for Maximum Effectiveness! Last Piece is to “LET GO OF ALL EXPECTATIONS”!

This Activation can be used over & over with each experience Unique to the Energetics of the Situation. Listen to Clear Guidance from Divine Source & the Beings through the “I AM” frequency! This is a Beautiful Holographic Activation within a Golden Merkaba though a Stargate, to a Special Galactic Beach with Golden Healer Crystalline Beings & a Dolphin Clan! Powerful & Magical!