Taurus New Moon
Holographic Activation Live Call

Sunday May 5th, 2019
5pm CST
$22 for Live Call + Access to Replay


Replay included if you are unable to make the Live Call!
(You will included in the Energy of this Event even if you purchase after the fact)

You are invited to participate in a Live Group Holographic Activation, seeding the Taurus New Moon with Magical Possibilities in our 3 – D World!

Taurus is an Earth Sign, Astrologically speaking, ruled by Venus and of the 2nd house, the area of the Chart associated with our Values, Possessions, and Valuables etc. Spiritually speaking it is all about Beauty and what we value deeply in our lives. It is also about Activating and aligning with greater Abundance!

 Since Taurus is one of the fixed signs, meaning whatever is initiated in Taurus Energy will have a long effect as it has a stabilizing Energy !

 Join us as we experience a Holographic Activation exploring Quantum Potentiality in aligning with Dreams and Grounding them into 3-D. Since Taurus is Venus Energy, we plan to tap into Beauty, as well as new Possibilites of Abundance, as we Align with more Flow within our lives.

 I absolutely LOVE these Live Group Calls and am super excited to see what is Magically ready to show up for all of us! Since Uranus is in Taurus, prepare to tap into more of your Brilliance and Genius that we are ready to share with the World!

I am always excited to see what will show up as we gather Heart to Heart, for this Live Holographic call. It is always a Magical Journey and if you are unable to make the live call, the replay will be just as Powerful as you will be included, energetically through your I AM Presence!


Each Live Activation call, much like my Classes are facilitated and guided to the Consciousness of each participants Level of Consciousness and Awareness! Each call is Experienced based, and Highly Healing and Transformational!

Through Kim’s “I AM Alchemical Team”, each Group Holographic Journey will be brought forth within the Consciousness of each person who gathers.

Prepare for Mystical Journeys of Transformation with Sound Frequencies and Magical Alchemy through the exploration of Powerful Play! You may experience your Alignment with the Highest Possibility Potential for you at this time.

Each Activation call will allow you to expand your Consciousness! You may notice your Intuitive abilities to perceive Information and Skill Sets, that are unique to you increasingly expanding! Truly a Journey in 5-D Consciousness!

This allows you instant access to the LIVE activation ….and an MP3 of the replay! You don’t even have to make the live call to experience these “mini-sessions”!! 

For those of you unable to make the Live Call, you will receive a replay and will be included in the Group Consciousness, (Even if you register after the Live Class as all time is NOW)! Register by clicking this link, you will receive the call details to join us live via phone or web. After the Live Call,  everyone will receive the replay to listen at your leisure 

$22 includes Mp3 replay!


(Please do not plan to drive during this powerful call)!

Replays will be available after each Live Call (sent in a follow-up email within 24 hours of LIVE event).  Upon purchase, you will be redirected to a page with the call information for the next available Live call (can be via phone with the call-in # or on your computer via a web link). You will also receive an email with the call-in and web link information to be used the day of the event (if you tuned in LIVE)

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