I am a recent participant of a few of your activations and after yesterday's I had to contact you and share my story.
I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin, very recently divorced after 27 yrs and an energy healer. As most of us Starseeds I know Spirit has big plans for me. I trust and believe that. My human reality is it is quite a challenge to start anew. After hearing a free webinar with you I felt instant resonation.
I set intention during Taurus new moon to remember all I am so I may fulfill my purpose as a mind body spirit healer and followed up with Scorpio Full Moon activation. I fell asleep at some point during Taurus. I was fully awake during ♏ I was very emotional Saturday and feeling pretty lost on Sunday. Feeling lost but going in the right direction is my mantra these days.
Yesterday brought me back home to me …Dorothy and "no place like home" and that home is WITHIN ME AND MY ESSENCE in the I Am Presence was profound! The hub in the wheel being my center of my being was a homerun as well! In my morning meditation that was all revisited along with the" I Am A Master"Thank you Thank You Thank You. Personally I haven't felt like I belong at times and your activation gave me the experience of belonging at the level I want and that is to belong within me. Returning Home to Remember All I Am.
Blessings of Love and Light Kim🙏