Kim Regnitz of “Song of the Heart” Healing Arts for Transformation presents:      

“The Magical ‘Fools’ Journey”

 Brand New Cycle, Brand New Year, Brand New You!!!

 April 1 – 2, 2017, Sat 10:30 am – 7pm, Sunday 11am – 6pm, Madison,(Middleton)WI  

      Welcome to a Brand New Journey, one where there are no roadmaps and the Path is Created from within! The Tarot archetype of the “Fool” is a Perfect Metaphor for the Newness, Purity and Innocence of the Magical Child, as a Grand Adventurer in the Exploration of Divine Consciousness! The “Fool” is the Archetype of the Zero Point Field, where all emerges from the State of Pure Possibility Potential!

Come “play” in the Group Energy in the beginning of the Astrological New Year, and Explore and Expand, who you are in the Holographic Universe! What is ready to shift within you so that you may EMBODY your “I AM Presence”, Divine Expressing through you as You! From within this flow of Alignment, it is time to Birth this Brilliance and Uniqueness as your Single Pointed, Powerful Stream of LIGHT! The WORLD needs you and your Gifts as we anchor in the 5-D New Earth Frequencies! You are a Bridge for this Divine JOY!

This class or ‘Playshop’ will be Experiential, with Playful Guided Holographic Journeys and Activations, Sacred Geometry, Sound & Group Sound Experiences, Crystalline Energy, Language of Light, Movement, Journaling, and More…, as we complete the residual patterns of the last 9 year cycle, ancestrally and Multi-Dimensionally and tap into the new Downloads and upshifts of 2017!!! What is ready to Birth forth from within you?

I invite you to ‘Feel” into the energy of this Event! Each Class is Divinely Guided and tailored to the Soul Signature and Consciousness of those who are called to attend!

A New Unique feature of this Event, is that following the Weekend Event, there will be 2 Group Coaching Calls, whereas we will continue, to deepen the work transpired at the Original Event. A recording will be sent after the Live calls.

 Energy Exchange ~ $ 350 For Weekend + 2 Coaching Calls and Materials, includes snacks and tea. We will be doing potluck, High Vibrational Lunch/or Bring your own.