I AM so Excited to be invited once again on the “Wisdom of the Ancients” online Summit with Ian Shelley! I invite you to Join me! I will be talking about “The Frequency of the ”I AM” Embodiment and how it pertains to your Ascension process!

I feel honored to be featured on this summit with many other Heart Centered Speakers as they bring in cutting edge Transformational Wisdom! Be prepared for some “Juicy” conversation that will impact your Life and raise your Vibration!

I really hope you sign up so that you benefit greatly by the Ancient Wisdom that is shared! The World and Universe NEED you and your Gifts that may be brought forth through the catalyst of this summit!

This IS your Time to SHINE your LIGHT and step into your Divine Mission!

Sending you so much Love and Blessings!

See you Soon,
Kim Regnitz

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