Copper Harbor 2019 Transformational Retreat
Transform by the Sea…

Copper Harbor, MI (Keweenaw Peninsula)
September 8-12 , 201

                           Retreat begins @6:30pm EST on Sun 8th, closing Thurs@ 1:00 pm EST on 12th

You are invited to join us for the 4th Annual Transformational Retreat in the Beautiful, Pristine, Magical town of Copper Harbor, in the U.P.’s Keweenaw Peninsula! This Spectacular area is rich in Natural Minerals and Crystals such as Copper, Agates, Datolite, Rhyolite, Chrysocolla and more, assisting in the Facilitation of Powerful Energy Shifts personally and collectively! This Beautiful Area on Powerful, Mystical Lake Superior, is a place of Great Solitude and ideal for playful Shifts and activations of 5 –D Ascension Consciousness! You will Transform through Nature’s Grace!

The Beings of Light, of my “I AM” Alchemy Team, have directly guided me to offer an event in this area, for many years!  We have had such Amazing Successes with these Powerful Retreats, I am to continue offering them! Just pondering the Magical Energy shifts that I personally, and others have had in this area, from past retreats, has me super excited for all of you who are in Resonance with this Event! Since the work I offer, is all about empowering others to “Embody” their “I AM Presence”, this event will be a Quantum Leap in that direction, resulting in your Life Transformed! Not only for you individually, but for Beautiful Gaia as we anchor New Frequencies into the Grids! The Kundalini of the Earth goes right up through this Peninsula! One of the 12 Etheric Temples, located around the World, is in the Great Lakes region, centering in this Area with the Giant Crystal located within Lake Superior!  This whole area of Copper Harbor is a Powerful Energetic Vortex and a fault line with Rocks over a Billion years old that have surfaced!

We will be doing various “Holographic Light Body Activations”/ Guided Journeys working with the Etheric Temples, Sacred Sound/Language of Light, Movement, Journaling, Crystal Grids Work and more, as I am guided and focused on what is for the Highest good of the group Consciousness! All experienced, will be in a Playful, High Vibrational Intent. Prepare to Laugh and Express your Purest Authenticity! Each Retreat is facilitated and Co-created to the Consciousness of those in attendance!

The majority of our Events will be held on an outdoor deck overlooking Beautiful Lake Fanny Hooe. We may be moving around to various locations nearby (optional), such as Waterfalls, an Old Growth Forest, and various Beaches with Ancient Rock Conglomerations of over a Billion years old! We also plan to have Campfires on select nights. Be open to “going with the Flow”!

Energy Exchange  (4 ½ day Retreat): Early $477, (with 50% deposit, paid in full by 8/30/19), After 8/31/19, $527, (must be paid in full prior to Event). Lodging is not included and arranged on your own. (Camping options available, as well as motels/cabins in Copper Harbor! (I have 4 cottages rsvd.) Details upon registration! Visa/Master, PayPal 6 month payment plan available!

For more information on this Life Changing Event, Contact: Kim Regnitz 715-323-2431 (call or text), or email  website  

Ascended Master Merlin: “There is a reason they call it Lake SUPERIOR”! 


If you are already registered and just need to make your energy exchange, click here.