“Song of the Heart” Healing Arts for Transformation presents…
Class “3” of the Series: “I AM Awakened and Ascension Ready”

“Riding the Waves of the Great Awakening Through the  “I AM” Embodiment!”

April 13-14, 2019
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
(Class to be held at a private residence on a Beautiful Cranberry Marsh, west of Wisconsin Rapids)

Sat 10:30am – 7pm, Sunday 11am – 6pm

We invite you to join us in the Astrological New Year to Co-Creatively experience the Divine Energy of an Ancient Mystery School format as we gather in the playful Heart Energy of “Leo”!   Throughout this Event we will activate the Energy of the I AM Presence, our Divine Expression, and Align and Embody this Frequency within our 3-D Form. This Intimate Gathering is one of Support as we “Ride” these “Waves” of The Great Awakening, as it pertains to our everyday 3-D world!!!

Kim facilitates, always through her I AM Alchemy Team, Playful and Magical, Quantum Holographic Activations, Transmissions and Codes allowing this 5-D Frequency to be anchored within your Personal Energy Field as well as the Grids of the Earth. Prepare to laugh, play, dance, move, cry (it’s ok to cry, as it dissolves stuck patternsJ) Sound (Toning), draw/Journal and especially to Connect at a deeper palpable level with your own “I AM” Guidance!!! You will learn New Mastery Tools!

 Through the Loving Guidance of Kim’s  “I AM” Alchemy Team; we will Experientially work co-creatively with the Beloved Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Dolphin, Dragons, Elementals, Crystalline and Galactic Star Beings, Goddess Energy etc., all of the Highest Light and Purest Consciousness of the “I AM” Frequency!

Each Class is facilitated and Harmonized to the Consciousness of those in attendance!

We will be Co-Creating with Nature, in its Beauty of the Spring Season within our Gathering and Sacred Space of this Cranberry Marsh!

Energy Exchange: $333 includes materials and snacks, you must register and prepay prior to Event! To Register go to website www.KimRegnitz.com, click on Events! Upon registration, details will follow. We will be sharing potluck or Bring lunch.  Class is hosted by Galynne Riggenbach (at a private residence, address/directions in details to be sent). For more information contact Kim Regnitz 715-323-2431 (call or text), or email songofheart@uniontel.net     PayPal payment plan available 6 months free financing 

Are you ready for Spring and to Emerge into your Magnificence?