Hi Kim ,

I just want to briefly come back to you on how it has been for me since my session with you .

My body feels like it has been going through a metamorphous of transmuting energies . I spent two very restless nights with so much going on in my body and in my dreaming . It was as if a lot of female energies from my Mothers side were voicing all kinds of restrained frustrations . I had the feeling they were all very learned and literature was their thing , there seemed to be so much elaborate language bombarding me from all sides and i could feel myself twisting and turning all night . I remember trying to express what was so unique about my Mother was that apart from being learned she was also a very compassionate person .

By the time the morning came I had to really rest my body because so much shifting had taken place through my Mothers ancesters .
Last night i rested more peacefully .

There is a lot of energies going through my body and my I AM PRESENCE is very present .

I know my session with you was very powerfull and provoked a quickening and release as if through every cell of my body . It seemed to call my full attention and alertness to express myself through my voice , something i find so difficult to do for all my life . I have been so fearful of severe rejection of what might come out of my mouth . I sometimes feel it is because there is quite a wild side to me that cannot be contained in the domestisity of life , so i hold it inside .My dream of galloping with White Horses across the open planes as if i were one with them expresses this feeling inside me of being let loose .

I thank you Kim with all my heart for this support . At some point i would like to arrange another session with you when it is apropriate .

With much gratitude and Blessings.

Beloved I AM , Beloved I AM , Beloved I AM

E. L.