I AM grateful to be Co-Creating with Cari again on her Show, (Season 26) Straight Talk for the Soul! The call is FREE, a Beautiful Gift & this platform may bring in the Divine Inspiration to Transform your Life! Cari Murphy has been a major consistent “Change agent” on our Beautiful Gaia & brings forth a Gentle & Powerful Intent with her Show in Service to others! I enjoy collaborating with her & her Community! If you haven’t tuned in before, this is your invitation to do so!

Within this Aquarian Energy, offering, Surprise, Brilliance, Innovation & “out of the Box” Cosmic Opportunity, with ALL PLANETS Direct for 88 days, this Call may be a Catalyst for Beautiful Growth!

 On this call we will be talking about “Activating our Unique Divine Soul Missions” & tapping into the “BRILIANCE” of “who you are”!!! We will also be taking Q & A, & offering mini processes (that assist the Community)! If you are looking for a Catalyst, in Moving Forward, this call may truly Help! Be sure to stay to the End, as I will be facilitating a Special Holographic Activation Harmonized & Calibrated to the Consciousness of all who are on the Call or REPLAY! Join us for much Juicy, Enlightened Conversation!

Are you ready to Activate the Sovereign Multidimensional “KNOWING” within you?!?!

Join Cari, Myself & the many other Brilliant Speakers for Expanded Awareness, Inspiration, Joy, & perhaps a New Perspective of WHO YOU REALLY ARE!

Again, the link to register for these GIFTED calls is: