If you deeply desire to live in consistent joy, fulfillment, abundance, clarity, creativity, openness, ease, grace, and peace… then I have great news for you!

My friend Karen Uppal, Spiritual Mentor and Awakening Guide, is on a mission to share how to do just that by releasing all of life’s obstacles, limitations, and restrictions with your own God-given power so you can heal yourself and transform your life – faster than you ever thought possible.

She’s brought together more than 21 leading experts to reveal their best strategies for liberating yourself from your limiting beliefs—and she’s hosting a complimentary interview series starting March 28th. It’s called Set Yourself F*R*E*E Online Series, and you can reserve your spot at no cost, here:

Release All Limitations, Restrictions and Obstacles Now!

When you go to the link above and join us for this complimentary series of powerful conversations, you’ll learn what you need to know to FINALLY connect with your soul  to allow you to experience love, joy, and happiness from within. This inner truth is what defines the meaning of our life, clarifies the truth of our existence, and guides us to understand what our mission and purpose in life are.

Karen is the perfect person to host this series; she was raised within a repressed, highly religious and traditional cultural dynamic where she was forbidden to even make her own decisions, but eventually, she learned that all the answers to life’s questions must come from within. Once she realized this, “magic” happened and she is finally able to live in a perpetual and effortless state of love, happiness, joy, and peace of mind!

Now she’s on a mission to help YOU do the same.

That’s why she’s created the Set Yourself F*R*E*E Online Series, which begins March 28th. Go here now to reserve your spot, at no cost:

Imagine: Being Completely Released from Negative Belief Systems, Obstacles, and Blocks.  Start Here.

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Karen has assembled an amazing panel of experts to show you how. Join us starting March 28th for the Set Yourself F*R*E*E Online Series. Reserve your spot here:

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