Please join me on
Wisdom of the Ancients with Ian Shelley
Monday, November 12th

I Am excited to present:
“I AM Awakened and Ascension Ready”!

Tap into the Magic and the Joy
of “Embodying” your I AM Presence!

Join us and experience an Alchemical Holographic Journey into the Possibility and Highest Potential of the I AM Frequency! 

I will be facilitating, through my “I AM” Alchemy Team, an Actual Holographic Activation/Transformation through the Stargate of the Heart accessing what is truly possible for YOU

When I was recently invited speak LIVE on the ‘WISDOM OF THE ANCIENTS’ online Summit, my heart instantly told me this work is vitally important, and I got a resounding “YES” to take part.

I’d really appreciate it if you would join me! I’m so excited to be talking about being ascension ready, and to also have you hear all the other heart-centered speakers bring forth transformative wisdom. It’s going to be an amazing summit and I’m very excited to be sharing with you!

I really hope you sign up so that you can take part in the ancient wisdom that will be shared!

So join us as Ancient Wisdom is channeled and brought forth during this fascinating summit. As you listen in, you will hear age-old secrets, recipes for transformation, and thought-provoking channeling.

Please don’t sit on the sidelines, our World and Universe needs you to be the fullest expression of your True Self, and this summit will support you in getting there.

Come on! This is your time — you are being called just like I was. I promise you that this will be worth your time.

“See” you soon!


PS. When you sign up, you will receive some really cool “tools” to support you

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As always there will be Replay if you can’t make the Live Show!