I am so excited to be one of the awesome 40 plus, new-thought leaders, masters, teachers and transformation change agents and I can’t wait for you to join us! I will be live on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

The Telesummit will be broadcast LIVE at 5pm EST on Mondays, Wednesdays, and occasionally Thursdays and 6pm EST on Tuesdays and REPLAYS will be available.   The Telesummit will run until May.   The live calls will be content packed, and YOU will have the opportunity to raise your hand and have your questions or issues addressed.  This will be YOUR chance to go deeper with the speakers and experience what these innovative healers can do for YOU!  The calls are expected to run for 70-90 mins and even up to 120 mins.  Replays will also be available for the live calls.  

Given all the daily difficulties that we face, what if you could transcend all those challenges and shift and START Living in More Joy!  My friend, Shashi Langham, has created and launched the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, as her vehicle of choice to make Joy a Daily, Moment by Moment Practice in all our lives! She believes that when you choose JOY – when you step into the vibration of JOY – then everything is possible!  That’s when “Things get to Happen for Me, and You, That are not Even Possible!” How wonderful would that be to experience?  The journey begins by examining and dealing with the core issues of anything that keeps JOY from being your Daily, Moment by Moment Experience, so that you can see Your Life Transform, from the Inside Out!

To sign up for YOUR First Step to JOY, CLICK HERE:  http://www.transformationtojoyglobaltelesummit.com/

This is what extraordinary healer and Telesummit presenter, Emmanuelle Piers, has to say about being a part of this Transformation To Joy Global Movement:

“I am deeply honored and excited to be part of this amazing global Telesummit along with 24 (now 44) gifted healers. Shashi Langham is a powerful visionary who is committed to bring transformation to humanity and help souls find their way back home to JOY. She has created this powerful platform to serve YOU, helping you to bring transformation in your life!”

 A beautiful message of hope, joy, and anticipation shared by a participant on the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit Closed Facebook Page:

… Today, we take out a bottle of champagne and join Shashi in christening her ship. Then, we will set sail on an adventure. There is a full itinerary. We will stop at many ports and meet people, speakers, and friends who will teach us, inspire us, and fill our hearts and souls with their gifts. Along the way, we will eat, drink, dance and play. And like all adventures, each of us will take away souvenirs, thoughts, inspirations, ideas and memories which we will want to share. Shashi has provided us an incredible main deck, this Facebook group, where we can socialize and share our insights,”ah ha’s” and our treasures.

This Ship is waiting at the pier, the Captain is standing proudly at the helm, the Crew is ready. I urge you to grab your loved ones and your friends and join us as we embark on this adventure of a lifetime! Remember, there will be lots of joy, discussion and fun along the way!

 Much love and congratulations to you, Shashi!”

 Well the maiden voyage had a few technical sound difficulties – but the wisdom that came  through first speaker, Lorelei Robbins was off the charts.  

Just for signing up, and giving your Yes, you will receive an Activation Kit of FREE Downloads, to help you get a jump start with Living in More Joy:

#1 Transformation To Joy, ManTarA – Align more fully with the vibration of Love so more Joy can come into your life.

#2 Align in Joy, Kim Regnitz – Align in Joy with this Holographic Journey and Sound Activation Codes.

#3 Father, Mother, & Child Meditation, Justice Bartlett – Heal Your Issues With Your Earthly Parents and get Connected to Source.

#4 Clearing Blocks to Receiving Money, Joy Baker:  Heal the Blocks you Have to Receiving Money.  

#5 Living from Passion and Purpose, Joy Baker:  Clear Blocks To Stepping Into Your Passion and True Life Purpose

#6 Heart Abundance Meditation, Brenda Lainof:  Create More of What you Desire From Your  Heartspace.   

#7 Activate Your Genius, Jade Yin Hom:  Activate Your Genius With This Powerful Meditation and Activation.

(Caution: Do not listen to these calls if you are driving or using machinery.)

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I am honored to join Host Shashi Langham on the brand-new Series of Transformation to Joy!

I hope that you will choose to subscribe to this series. It is completely free and available online or by phone.

 Here’s that link again… http://www.transformationtojoyglobaltelesummit.com/

There’s nothing to lose.  Nothing except the old patterns that are keeping you from Living in Your Highest Vibration of Joy.

Are you ready to Transform your Life by stepping into the Highest Vibration of Joy?

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